Gotta say…having a friend who owns a salon is cherry!  I mean that bright, shiny, sweet topping that makes ordinary ice cream a treat.  Pam Fodor, owner of  Boston Avenue Salon texted her request for a model early this week…and I jumped at the chance.  To be honest, I had no idea what she was planning on doing to me, but I’m pretty much game for anything that has to do with hair and make-up so I booked for early Thursday to coincide with our businesses, Peace of Mind Books, Aquarian Age Massage, and Spiritworks Gifts celebrating A Very Cherry Christmas down on Cherry Street.  I wanted to look extra holiday-special to be on hand to assist our patrons.

I arrived on time to find Lynette in the chair surrounded by technicians.  I was then directed to a chair and instructed to get my feet in the warm bath to begin soaking.  Always the gracious hostess, I was offered a beverage of choice (Pam has a wonderful selection of wines) handed a style magazine along with my glass, and sat back and watched the transformation of Lynette play out. I was glad to be second in line.  Lynette is also a personal friend of Pam, and she and I were chosen to be test subjects in order to assist the girls in getting their technique down to a smooth 2 hour make-over.  Lynnette was in the chair a little more than 2 hours, but she and I are both a little chatty and we were offering our suggestions as to what we thought they needed to do differently when they began my make-over.

After my foot soak, my pedicure began.  It went smoothly, then i was transferred to the other station where my manicure would be handled and my make-up would be applied.  Teri Mays did my pedi while Kylie Durham did my nails.  I chose a beautiful deep red to match my dress, and after seeing my toes, wished I had worn peek-a-boo heels!  My nails turned out fabulous!  Kylie is a perfectionist and they look amazing!!  Teri then began my make-up.  I was nervous to be honest.  I have never had anyone do my make-up…even when I’m on stage.  I always do my own.  But I trust Pam and as Teri was doing the application we discussed her experience and technique and I relaxed into the experience.  I asked her to give me a day to night natural look.  She did an amazing job!  All my skepticism vanished.  She matched my complexion perfectly and did exactly what I had asked.

Then it was Pam’s turn to do my hair.  I chose an up/down with a teased crown and side swept bang.  She dried shampooed me and worked her magic!  It looked amazing!  She even tied a bow into the back of the hairstyle for an extra festive look!

All in all, my chair experience went very well.  A couple of tweaks were needed to get consistancy levels raised for the actual paying clients, but I was in and out of the chair in under 2 hours as promised.  And I received numerous compliments on my look when I arrived to host our version of A Very Cherry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!


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