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A play I began writing years before I me the five people who would be the main characters. A time traveling band of miscreants and their queen.

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Confirmation from the Universe is a GREAT thing!

On Saturday, we were fortunate to host Margo Mateas, creator of the Career Card Deck, in Aquarian Age Massage’s gift shop, Spiritworks Gifts.  We are situated on the corner of 15th and Quincy in Tulsa’s very busy Cherry Street District, so I knew she would get a lot of foot traffic for her promotions.

I stayed downstairs to assist Shelni with the extra Christmas shoppers, and was on hand to get responses to the free readings that Margo was offering to our customers.  Everyone I spoke to who received a reading was overwhelmed by the accuracy of the cards.  Several customers and many of our co-workers had literal revelations about what they need to do in order to see new results in the upcoming New Year.

Then it was my turn.  After my workday was done, I sat down across from Margo and she began explaining how the cards worked.  She had me hold the deck, and conceptualize my question…a funny thing happened.  The question I thought I was going to ask, ended up not being the question that came to mind once I held and concentrated on the cards.  Instead, an issue that I had been dealing with since switching careers came back into focus.  I asked that question instead and received the answer I needed to hear.  Then I asked a question I thought was relevant…and again the cards pointed me in a totally different direction.  So Margo told me to concentrate and ask the question again.  So I closed my eyes, shuffled the deck and when I cut the cards, there was the “Courage” card staring straight up at me!  “Didn’t you see it flip over?” Margo asked.  “I had my eyes closed. I was concentrating.”  What I read on the card blew my mind.  The passage that stood out to me the most is as follows:

…”set aside your earthly fears about failing, looking bad, being inadequate or seeming         like an outcast–step forward boldly into your true destiny. Those who have made big marks in this world are always the ones who went against the traditional thinking of the time and who dared to dream dreams that others dismissed as being too outrageous or impossible.”

And just as others had reported…I was blown away.  I SO needed to hear those words at that moment.  It truly helped me get my perspective straight in order for me to redirect my energy back into the path that I chose when I left my previous job.

These cards would make a great gift this Christmas, and Margo and I are working out the details to have her come back in February to do a workshop with the cards.  If you are interested in purchasing a deck, some on down to Spiritworks Gifts at 1401 E.15th St in Tulsa, OK or go to

Blessings on the New Year!!

Gotta say…having a friend who owns a salon is cherry!  I mean that bright, shiny, sweet topping that makes ordinary ice cream a treat.  Pam Fodor, owner of  Boston Avenue Salon texted her request for a model early this week…and I jumped at the chance.  To be honest, I had no idea what she was planning on doing to me, but I’m pretty much game for anything that has to do with hair and make-up so I booked for early Thursday to coincide with our businesses, Peace of Mind Books, Aquarian Age Massage, and Spiritworks Gifts celebrating A Very Cherry Christmas down on Cherry Street.  I wanted to look extra holiday-special to be on hand to assist our patrons.

I arrived on time to find Lynette in the chair surrounded by technicians.  I was then directed to a chair and instructed to get my feet in the warm bath to begin soaking.  Always the gracious hostess, I was offered a beverage of choice (Pam has a wonderful selection of wines) handed a style magazine along with my glass, and sat back and watched the transformation of Lynette play out. I was glad to be second in line.  Lynette is also a personal friend of Pam, and she and I were chosen to be test subjects in order to assist the girls in getting their technique down to a smooth 2 hour make-over.  Lynnette was in the chair a little more than 2 hours, but she and I are both a little chatty and we were offering our suggestions as to what we thought they needed to do differently when they began my make-over.

After my foot soak, my pedicure began.  It went smoothly, then i was transferred to the other station where my manicure would be handled and my make-up would be applied.  Teri Mays did my pedi while Kylie Durham did my nails.  I chose a beautiful deep red to match my dress, and after seeing my toes, wished I had worn peek-a-boo heels!  My nails turned out fabulous!  Kylie is a perfectionist and they look amazing!!  Teri then began my make-up.  I was nervous to be honest.  I have never had anyone do my make-up…even when I’m on stage.  I always do my own.  But I trust Pam and as Teri was doing the application we discussed her experience and technique and I relaxed into the experience.  I asked her to give me a day to night natural look.  She did an amazing job!  All my skepticism vanished.  She matched my complexion perfectly and did exactly what I had asked.

Then it was Pam’s turn to do my hair.  I chose an up/down with a teased crown and side swept bang.  She dried shampooed me and worked her magic!  It looked amazing!  She even tied a bow into the back of the hairstyle for an extra festive look!

All in all, my chair experience went very well.  A couple of tweaks were needed to get consistancy levels raised for the actual paying clients, but I was in and out of the chair in under 2 hours as promised.  And I received numerous compliments on my look when I arrived to host our version of A Very Cherry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Lashes, Lashes,Lashes!

So my friend Pam Fodor, owner of Boston Avenue Salon in Tulsa, OK, posts on her Facebook page that she needs “models” to volunteer to get lash extensions.  Pam, as a certified cosmetology teacher, is training the cosmetologists in her salon and needs some warm bodies to work on.  The idea sounded intriguing so…here we go!

Now I have known Pam since we were teenagers.  And this ain’t my first rodeo.  She gave me my mullet in the 80’s, my wedge in the 90’s, and started hiding my grey in the 2000’s.  So here in the 2010’s a new pair of lashes just might help me to feel a little younger, a little cuter, and less of the 40-something-no-one-notices-anymore.

So I show up at 10:00 a.m. and get shown to the table where Kiley Durham (the baby girl of another of our tribe) has me lie down and proceeds to prep me for the extensions.   I won’t lie. The prep sucked. In order for the procedure to be successful, the cosmetologist has to tape down your lower row of lashes…yes, tape them down.  And since this was Kiley’s first rodeo, she had to perfect her technique.  After about 30 minutes of prep, I put my ear buds in and with the soothing sounds of Anoushka Shankar playing in my ear, Kiley gets to work.  The rest of the procedure went relatively smooth.  There was only one time throughout the rest of my appointment where I felt any discomfort at all; a readjustment of a lash that had adhered itself to another. It stung a little as she pulled it away.

After 2 hours, Kiley hands me the mirror.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Pam, who was standing over me when I opened my eyes for the first time exclaimed…”17 year-old Michelle is looking at me!”  Well…that is an exaggeration by my loving friend who makes me beautiful.  But I do love them!

Bottom line- I wouldn’t ordinary spend the $$$ to actually buy a pair.  But for a special occasion like a wedding or a black-tie event, I could see it being worth the expense.

And I have to add.  We are all so proud of Kiley!  She is going to excell at cosmotology!  Her touch is feather light, and she is simply the sweetest thing!!  So stop in on Pam and the girls at Boston Avenue Salon!!

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